Well Being

We take a great deal of time and effort into the well being of our guests, to ensure that they aren’t affected by the stress of being away from home. 

We get to know if they like being scratched under the chin, whether they love their tummy scratched, if they love playing ball, socializing in the guest gymnasium, or just sitting on our lap. Even more importantly we know if they are homesick and need hand feeding to make them feel extra special. Or perhaps they just need that extra cuddle and a bedtime story!

These activities help to ensure their health and well being. We will notice if one of our guests is not their usual self. 

We keep records of likes and dislikes, temperament and eating habits so that on the guests next stay we know lots about them. 

Environment enrichment

We give special attention to our guests behaviour and we spend time to make sure they are comfortable. Our space allows for them to interact in the common areas inside and outside. Some cats enjoy socialising and getting to know others, some prefer to spend their time relaxing in their run or need exercise time alone. 

We also constantly change and improve their environment providing toys, scratches, brushing, cat grass etc to instigate their curiosity. This increases their serotonin and reduces cortisol. 

We also monitor their daily food and water intake and toilet habits to ensure they are happy and healthy.


We provide Royal Canin dry food and a variety of wet food, usually Dine and Fancy Feast.  If your cat is on a prescription diet provided by your vet then we ask you to bring this with you.

Our normal routine is to feed in the morning and in the late afternoon. If your cat is used to a different arrangement please let us know in the feed details section of our booking form.


All guests must be vaccinated to the F3 level at least two weeks prior to arrival. A current certificate must be presented upon arrival. Any animal not properly vaccinated will unfortunately be unable to stay with us.

Worming & Flea Treatment

All guests should be regularly treated for round and tape worm. Since there are a number of different treatments on the market we need to know which treatment you use and when the last one was administered. Please have the treatment up to date before boarding your guest. If their treatment falls due whilst on their vacation we are happy to administer.

Please make sure that your cat’s flea treatment is up to date. Any cats found to have fleas will be treated with their recommended treatment immediately at the owners expense.

Veterinary attention

Your cat will be constatny monitored by our resident vet Dr Anna Abdala and if your cat shows any signs that something isn’t right we will contact you immediately. We also have strict protocols in case of urgent and emergency cases to guarantee our kitties have the attention their need.